Melania Trump Was Accidentally Deported


“The swirling rumors say that Melania refused to return to the White House for two weeks.”


KFC’s ‘Secret Recipe’ is Just Explosives & Methamphetamines


Authorities list gunpowder, Sudafed, oregano, ammonium nitrate fertilizer, paint thinner and celery salt as some of the ingredients.

Aliens Locked Up in Area 51 Are Planning to Storm Nevada, Take Over Rest of the World


“These little green guys don’t stand a chance,” Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak stated. “Us Nevadans don’t take too kindly to… let’s say… off-white beings. Once they cross that fence they’re going to get lit up like the 4th of July!”

Trump Signs Executive Order Moving Christmas to the 4th of July


“What better way to show that the United States is a Christian nation than by celebrating Jesus’ crucifixion on America’s birthday!?” – President Donald J. Trump

Staff Forces Joe Biden to Get Hair Plugs So He’ll Stop Smelling Women’s Hair


Biden’s hair came from his soundproof hobby room where he keeps his personal collection of real hair, mannequins and doll parts.

Mississippi Has Been Feeding Its Unsuspecting Residents Vegan, Plant-Based Protein Since 2009


“It’s safe to say that most residents of the state of Mississippi have been vegetarian, or close to it, since 2009.” – Governor Phil Bryant

President Jimmy Carter Says Melania Trump’s Boobs Were Put In Place By The Russians

“An investigation will show Melania’s knockers were implanted by the Russians to spy on our great nation.”

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