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fox weather channel lie to people about the temperature

Rupert Murdoch’s New Fox Weather Channel Will Blame The Radical Left For Storms, Natural Disasters

Fox News’ owner Rupert Murdoch announced today that he will be launching the all-new Fox Weather Channel; a 24-hour stream that “promises to do for 7-day forecasts what Fox has done for American politics.” Notably, […]

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Trump Explains Why He Hasn’t Made a Homophobic Nickname For Pete Buttigieg, Yet

“When I think of something, you better believe I’m going to go right up to him, get right on Peter and really ride him. Just unload on him with everything I’ve got – and I’ve got a lot. Just ask Melania. I’ve been trying to finish for quite a while, and when I do it’s going to feel great folks. Just great.”

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President Trump Announces Massive 4th of July Celebration for Liberals

“HOLD THE DATE! We will be having one of the largest gatherings in the history of Washington State,” Trump wrote. “There will be a rainbow of fireworks, the best drag queens – only the best – and the first ever reading of the US Constitution by your favorite President, me!”