NYC Might Clean Its Streets For the First Time After Finding $20 Bill While Disinfecting Their Subway


After finally removing all of the filth and grime from NYC subways last night with a thorough cleaning, the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) excitedly announced this morning that they had found a $20 bill in the process. Upon hearing the news, an energized New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the city should strongly consider cleaning its streets for the first time as well. “There’s money to be made in NYC,” a grinning Cuomo stated. “Plus it will be nice to have the streets restored to their original color – that signature bright and shiny New York apple red.” Photo Credit Zack Seward

Weekend Travel Plans Include the Possibility of Visiting the Living Room, Master Bedroom, and Back Porch

(Altoona, PA) Local man Dan Stephenson – whose entire family is under quarantine – dug up his old house floor plan in order to show his increasingly bored family all of the possibilities for where they can go this weekend. “We’ve got the living room where we can all gather to play board games,” Stephenson stated. “Then, just 100 feet down the hall, there’s the master bedroom where mommy and daddy will spend 12 loud minutes rekindling their love life. There’s really something for everyone.” As of press time, the recently unemployed Stephenson was visiting his back porch, on his 7th beer, and wondering if he’ll ever be able to afford to take his family on a real vacation.

Dreaded Family Road Trip Becoming a Real Possibility as Coronavirus Spreads

(Waukesha, WI) Because of the coronavirus, local man Jeremy Rhiner says he’s preparing for the very real possibility that he will have to drive his three kids 1,274 miles to Disney World. “It’s probably only a matter of time before they halt all air travel,” Rhiner stated. “And there’s no way to cancel a trip to Disney World without your kids hating you forever.” As of press time, Rhiner was licking doorknobs in hopes that he’ll infect his entire family, allowing him to cancel the 2-day roadtrip and vacation.

Coronavirus Gives Shitty Humans First Good Reason for Never Visiting Grandma at the Nursing Home

Photo credit Robin

Passengers Flying Delta Can Now Be Banned For Chronic Flatulence

If you have an upcoming Delta flight you had better get your Gas-X ready. The airline says it will now ban passengers from their planes if they ruin a flight with persistent farting. The move comes just one week after an elderly woman on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Portland caused several passengers and crew members to become incredibly nauseous. The airline says it will be adding an additional button next to the flight attendant call button that will allow passengers to simultaneously report and shame a farting traveler seated in their row.

British Airways will exclusively fly people infected with coronavirus to keep passengers safe

British Airways announced today that they’ll be denying all healthy passengers access to flights both to and from China. Instead, the company says it will offer flights exclusively to people infected with the coronavirus. “Our pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, and passengers will all be required to have the virus to board,” CEO Alex Cruz stated. “This way, as we fly sick people around the world, they won’t be infecting their fellow plane riders. Hopefully ideas like this will spread quickly.”

5 things you should never do with your penis on an airplane in 2020

Recent studies reveal that nearly 20% of flight attendants saying they’ve received reports of passenger-on-passenger sexual assault on a flight and 68% have been sexually harassed themselves. If you’re keeping up with the times, you should already know that there are certain things men can no longer do with their genitals on an airplane. Here are 5 things that aren’t acceptable to do with your penis on a plane in 2020. 1. Although plastic stirrers and straws are frowned up in today’s green culture, never stir your drink with your penis while on a flight. 2. Don’t shave your balls on the tray table. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to check off personal care items from your to-do list, but creating multiple, mini-tumbleweeds of pubes that will fly throughout the cabin for the duration of the flight is frowned upon today. 3. Never dress your penis up as your emotional support pet by giving it a red vest and gluing hair, ears, and googly eyes to it and then proceed to pull your dick out on your lap and pet it. 4. Stir your neighbor’s drink. 5. Slap seated passengers in the face with your penis as you walk down the aisle to your seat.

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