Mr. Clean Cosplayers Host Bonfire Party in Dayton, Ohio

The group stands out by wearing white clothing, often with pointed hoods to keep their bald heads warm.

Courageous Group is Taking Back the Swastika.

“I’m not sure why we’d give the swastika to one side over the other,” Trump stated. “If we’re trying to accept everyone, we need to start by including minority groups like the Klan in these discussions.”

Tostitos Releases Extreme Mild Salsa For White People


Tostitos describes their new Extreme Mild Clear Salsa for White People® as being a thick, gelatinous substance for those with genetic spice sensitivities.

Johnson & Johnson Releases New ‘Extra Tears’ Baby Shampoo


Johnson & Johnson is introducing the product after research proved that about 87% of parents were looking for ways to “get back at their babies” – in a fairly harmless way – for the countless sleepless nights, spit-ups, disgusting diapers, nasty farts and constant fussing.”

World’s Remaining Nice People ‘Strongly Considering Not Being Taken Advantage of Anymore’


We’re leaning toward ‘acting just like all of you fucking assholes.’

Starbucks is Opening Separate Restrooms for Black Customers


“Overall, we just want to make everyone feel more welcome and safe at Starbucks.”

Olympic Figure Skater Disowned After Coming Out as Straight


Team refuses to speak to straight, male figure skater. #WinterOlympics

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