Now Sentient, Toothbrush Screaming Internally to Be Thrown Out Already

(Topeka, KS) Now eight months past the American Dental Association’s recommended three month replacement period, 34-year-old James Simmons’ filthy, discolored toothbrush just gained consciousness and immediately began screaming internally to be put out of its misery. “Kill me now! I’m horrifying!” Simmon’s toothbrush shrieked on the inside. “For the love of God! If there is a God! Snap me in half and put me to sleep forever!” As of Friday afternoon, a cockroach more aware of its surroundings than Simmon’s had begun mercifully eating the bristly face off of the despondent toothbrush.

CDC: Expect a Return to Your Normal, Shitty Life By the End of 2021

CDC Director Robert Redfield told a Senate panel today that he believes a COVID-19 vaccine should be available soon and that “US citizens can expect to return to their normal, shitty lives by the end of 2021.” “We know the past 7 months have been extra hard on the working class. It’s like God took your lives – here represented by a flaming cake made of shit – and then just fucking covered it with horrific death sprinkles.” Redfield stated. “I know it’s hard to look back a year and recall what things were like before the death sprinkles, but try to remember that it was still a flaming shit cake back then; so lower your expectations.” As of press time the CDC said it was preparing a ‘Return to Normal’ campaign that will include advertisements warning Americans that they’ve romanticized their pre-pandemic lives and that not much will change once the pandemic is over. “So let me emphasize: the only notable difference between right now and the post-vaccine future is that there will be less time for introspection,” Redfield stated. “And this is a good thing, because a life unexamined is rarely recognized as being one worth ending.”

Trump Sports New Hairstyle, Grows Trendsetting Mustache For RNC


Looking to completely redo his image, Donald Trump has grown a unique mustache in which the hair is only in the middle portion of his upper lip, and approximately the width of his nose. In addition to this, he’s had a hairstylist give him a stunning, new combover that many supporters are raving about. Notably, the move by trump marks the first time in history that a president has gotten a complete makeover while in office; let alone while running for reelection. “I can’t think of anyone who had a look anything like Mr. Trump’s. Our blond-haired, blue-eyed, charismatic leader may have just started a whole new trend!” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany smiled. “Fuhrermore… furthermore, I think we can all agree that Mr. Trump now looks more commanding and masculine than ever before.” As of Sunday afternoon countless supporters of the president were posting pictures and videos of themselves on social media cutting their hair and shaping their mustaches to match Trump.

New ‘For Dummies’ COVID Book Series Takes Over NY Times Best-Sellers List


With misinformation running rampant across the US, a new ‘COVID-19 For Dummies’ book series created to spread truth has taken over the New York Times Best-Sellers list just two days after they hit the shelves. Notably, the books are said to be just a small part of the large COVID-19 For Dummies series – the rest of which will be in stores by the end of 2020. Titles of the already released books include: Should I Listen to Experts Or This Guy On Facebook? For Dummies No, That’s Also Not A COVID-19 Cure For Dummies Why You Should Wear A Mask For Dummies: The Extra-Slow Explanation Edition How to Tell Your Kids Their Teacher Died For Dummies: COVID-19 Edition COVID, Racism & Other Things That Won’t Just Magically Disappear For Dummies

Woman Eating 4th Helping of Glue No Longer Just Trying to Satisfy a Curiosity


Henderson, NV – Local woman Jasmine Parker acquired a taste for glue today after exploring a longtime curiosity. Parker says she’d been wondering what glue tastes like ever since she saw other kids eating the gooey substance back when she was in grade school. “I tried eating glue for the first time today because I finally wanted to scratch that itch,” 37-year-old Parker stated. “I went for a second taste because I didn’t get a good feel for the flavor; so I put more glue on my finger and licked it off.” “Now this third taste,” Parker said while squeezing a generous portion into her hand, “is necessary as I forgot to sniff the glue before eating it, and as we all know, smell is big part of the entire eating experience.” As of Monday afternoon, Parker was thinking of an excuse to justify dumping a fourth helping of glue into the palms of her hands and lapping it up like a dog.

Guy Who Loves Both Heavy Metal & Country Music Not to Be Trusted


(Des Plaines, Illinois) Friends and family of local man Kyle Whitmore, who proudly declares himself a heavy metal and country music lover, say he’s a train wreck who is not to be trusted. Friends describe Whitmore and his playlists as being emotionally jarring, unnerving, and incoherent. “Kyle lives in a world of mainstream, shitty pop with southern accents and lyrics about tractors, trucks, girls, jeans, boots, and beers which collides with heavy metal’s war, doom, misery, destruction and violent aggression,” Kyle’s girlfriend Becky Steadman stated. “With Kyle you never know what God-awful song will come on next, much less what he wants or who he is as a person.” As of Wednesday afternoon, Steadman said she was going to force Whitmore to pick just one type of music or she would be leaving him. “What I can’t do is sit here anymore and watch as Kyle wears his Iron Maiden and Judas Priest shirts with his cowboy boots and hat,” an emotional Steadman stated. “That’s no way to live.” Photo Credit Buckangel

Mark Cuban Buys Rights to National Anthem, Says He Won’t Let Anyone Play It


The US government sold the rights to the National Anthem to billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban for $275 million who immediately turned around and said that he will not be allowing anyone to play the song before sporting events. The move comes just a few hours after Cuban tweeted in response to a fan that said he won’t watch Mavericks games if any of the players kneel for the song: “I’m sick of the fake patriotic bullshit,” Cuban stated. “Kneel. Don’t kneel. Wear a hat. Take off your hat. Put your hand over your heart. Stand up. Sit down… Well, all that doesn’t matter anymore because I’m not going to let anyone play it.” Photo credit Gage Skidmore

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