Rudy Giuliani says he’s hired the ghost of Johnnie Cochran as his defense lawyer

An unhinged Rudy Giuliani went on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning to announce that he is now being possessed and legally represented by deceased criminal lawyer Johnnie Cochran. According to Giuliani, the famed O.J. Simpson lawyer took over his body after the former New York City Mayor made a deal with the devil. “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!” Giuliani yelled. “And there isn’t even a glove involved here! Tell me where the flaming glove is!?” Trump’s wide-eyed lawyer shouted while lighting a wool mitten aflame and waving it in the air. Because of Giuliani’s public meltdown, there is now growing concern among Democrats that the president’s lawyer could easily avoid corruption charges with a simple insanity plea. Advertisements


Impeachment probe ends as Trump preemptively pardons all Republicans

In a sweeping move, president Trump signed an executive order today that pardons Republicans of any and all crimes. The order, which also releases any registered Republicans who are incarcerated, completely exonerates any future wrongdoings by right-wing public figures and citizens. “Conservatives are being targeted. Period.” Trump stated. “Fine Americans shouldn’t live in constant fear that they’ll eventually be caught and charged for doing something wrong. I can’t fucking sleep!” a puffy-eyed Trump shouted. “It’s unfair! And it’s cruel and it is unusual psychological punishment – which is not allowed under the 8th Amendment!” As of press time, the executive order had been added as the fifty-seventh example of obstruction of justice by the Trump Administration.

Breaking: Trump to be tried as an adult during impeachment


Despite pushback from his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Congress says that president Trump will be tried as an adult throughout the impeachment process. “Mr. Trump throws tantrums, says everything is unfair, only wants junk food and has tiny hands,” Giuliani shouted on Fox and Friends. “This is all wrong. The president is not an adult. Period!” Democrats fired back quickly, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi making a public statement. “President Trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and never get in trouble,” Nancy Pelosi stated. “But now he’s shot himself in the foot and for the first time in his life he’s facing the consequences. It’s time to grow up Donald.”

Pelosi: “We have the pee tape and it’s hot as hell”


A visibly flush Nancy Pelosi revealed at a press conference today that the infamous Trump pee tape is now in the hands of the democrats. “The tape doesn’t add anything to the president’s laundry list of naughty, impeachable offenses,” Pelosi said while letting out deep, animalistic moan. “The tape is hot as fuck, with over an hour of a sexy, shirtless, oiled-up Vladimir Putin chugging vodka and urinating into Mr. Trump’s asshole-shaped mouth.” According to the unabashedly aroused Pelosi, the two men share a knowing and unyielding eye contact throughout the interaction. In fact, the only break the two leaders take during the enthralling piss session comes at the 47-minute mark when Trump chokes on Putin’s pee; causing urine to shoot out of his nose. “Mama gets it,” Pelosi giggled while twirling her hair around her finger. “Once you hit your 70’s nothing gets your rocks off unless you’re willing to get a little weird.”

Trump releases thousands of nude photos to distract from impeachment proceedings


President Trump included over 1,750 nude photos of himself with whistleblower evidence that he sent to House Democrats. The naked images are making it nearly impossible for investigators to sift through information without becoming violently ill. “The impeachment inquiry is on hold until someone, and I mean anyone – because we’re taking volunteers here – if anyone can manage to remove the interwoven pile of disgusting imagery, ” Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated. “So if you can handle cottage cheese thighs and a tiny penis with no balls, please contact me today.” Because of the lewd photos inclusion in the evidence, a charge of obstruction of justice has been added to the list of Trump’s transgressions.

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