Rush Limbaugh Forever Trapped in ‘Rush Limbo’ After Devil & God Both Refuse To Take Him

Conservative extremist and radio shock jock Rush Limbaugh passed away today and has now been placed in his own personal limbo, indefinitely. The decision comes after both God and the Devil refused to take him. “He certainly doesn’t belong here,” God stated. “That’s quite clear. But at the same time we don’t think it’s fair to make the Devil watch him for all eternity.” Satan agreed. “I know almost everyone thinks that Rush Limbaugh should be here in Hell with me,” the Devil stated. “But at no point did I ever agree to live indefinitely in a waking nightmare. So now Rush is stuck in his own private limbo that we’ve created just for him. We call it ‘Rush Limbo’.”

Grandma’s Food Coma Followed By Actual Coma, Death This Thanksgiving


(Brookfield, WI) After overeating during her Thanksgiving meal with lots of friends and family, Grandma Gertrude Sullivan will nod off in her comfy recliner for a few hours in a food coma; like she does every year. Just a few days later, she’ll be taken to the hospital where she will test positive for COVID that’s traced back to Thanksgiving. She’ll be put on a ventilator. Not long thereafter, Grandma Sullivan will slip into an actual coma and die.

Study Shows Oleandrin Cures COVID Just as Effectively as Smothering Someone to Death with a MyPillow®


A new study by the University of Oxford shows that oleandrin, a deadly poison extract from the oleander plant, is just as effective at curing COVID-19 as smothering someone to death with a MyPillow®. The news comes just days after president Trump pushed the extract as a cure for the coronavirus. Oxford says that their sizable study, which included 5,125 patients and had a 100% mortality rate, has conclusively proven that oleandrin has the same impact on COVID-19 patients as grabbing a MyPillow®, shoving it down on a person’s face, and holding it there until they stop moving. “Half of the patients in our study were poisoned with oleandrin, the other half were suffocated by a MyPillow®. Sadly, everyone died,” researcher Yuri Reznick confirmed. Upon hearing the news, president Trump praised the study. “Can you believe it? The science shows oleandrin works just as well as best-selling sleep accessory the MyPillow®! With millions of these pillows having been sold across the country, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t welcome oleandrin into your household today!” As of press time, fed-up scientists across the globe were in agreement that this was the last time they’d be saving the president’s supporters from killing themselves due to Trump’s baseless, deadly medical advice.

Heaven: 170,000 COVID Victims Protest God For Taking Wrong Trump


(The Astral Plane) Tensions are running high in Heaven tonight as the 170,000+ Americans who have died from COVID-19 are protesting God for taking the wrong Trump. Authorities say the protests, which are being led by the late father of utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham, started when the president’s brother Robert Trump showed up at the pearly gates instead of Donald. “It sounds crass on the face of it, but the reality is that there is a moral question at hand: Do you take one life to save thousands of others?” Bentham stated. “Quite quickly it becomes apparent that the right thing to do is to remove this evil man who has clearly done more harm than good during the pandemic. There’s a lot of blood on his hands.” When asked how he felt about Robert Trump’s death, Bentham stated, “It is what it is.”

Are Masks Safe?: Choking Deaths Quadruple as Americans Forget to Remove Masks Before Eating


Over 22,400 Americans have choked to death in 2020 – more than four times the yearly average. Experts say the cause is an uptick in less intelligent Americans finally agreeing to wear masks and then forgetting to remove them before eating. “What we’re seeing is a sizable group of slower people – who were initially refusing to wear masks because the president wasn’t – that are now choking to death on the protective gear,” Dr. Richard Huffman stated. “They get hungry and they neglect to remove their mask before pushing food into their mouths.” As of press time, experts had no solution to the problem. “I don’t know what to say anymore; I think nature just wants these people dead,” Huffman stated.

COVID-19 Denier Now Permanently 6 Feet Away From Everyone


Photo Credit Daniel Lobo

Marco Rubio: ‘Wait, Don’t All Black People Look Alike?’


Senator Marco Rubio really stepped in it today when he posted a terribly-executed tribute to deceased civil rights leader John Lewis and followed it up with a strange, racist tirade on Twitter. In a since-deleted tweet, Rubio shared a photo of himself and Elijah Cummings – another deceased Black lawmaker – and captioned the photograph with the words: “It was an honor to know & be blessed with the opportunity to serve in Congress with John Lewis… a genuine & historic American hero. May the Lord grant him eternal peace.” Twitter erupted in response to Rubio’s significant and embarrassing error, but the Florida Senator seemed completely unfazed by the mistake and began genuinely replying to tweets. “Wait, don’t all black people look alike?” Rubio tweeted in reply to one Twitter user. “I thought I could just pick any photo with me and one of them.” Painfully blind to his racism, Rubio doubled-down, tweeting out: “I’ve never purposely made eye contact with a black person. Aren’t they all just vague, shadowy figures to everyone else? Isn’t that why we’re all so afraid of them? What is happening?!” As of press time outraged Democrats were calling on Rubio to resign, while most Republicans were just glad they didn’t have any photos with Black people to make such a mistake. Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

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