Snapshot: Newborns learn about beekeeping in Asheville, NC


Three week old Douglas Sommers learns about honeycombs at Asheville, North Carolina’s annual Babies and Bee’s Festival. Photo Credit: Sandra Jackson

Majority of White House advisors are also handbag designers


With a seemingly continuous turnover of advisors in the past three years, president Trump now finds himself being advised by six different handbag designers, including his daughter Ivanka. The White House maintains that only a small percentage of meetings are spent discussing the fashion accessories. “Ivanka doesn’t talk about her fashion business with me,” Trump affirmed. “There’s no nepotism here and it really shows. Just look at me,” a dishevelled Trump stated while unzipping his 5-foot-long red tie from his fly. Additionally, the White House says they’re excited to unveil their new child and adult-sized leather body bags which were specially designed for the Kurds Trump left for dead in Syria.

Rudy Giuliani says he’s hired the ghost of Johnnie Cochran as his defense lawyer

An unhinged Rudy Giuliani went on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning to announce that he is now being possessed and legally represented by deceased criminal lawyer Johnnie Cochran. According to Giuliani, the famed O.J. Simpson lawyer took over his body after the former New York City Mayor made a deal with the devil. “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!” Giuliani yelled. “And there isn’t even a glove involved here! Tell me where the flaming glove is!?” Trump’s wide-eyed lawyer shouted while lighting a wool mitten aflame and waving it in the air. Because of Giuliani’s public meltdown, there is now growing concern among Democrats that the president’s lawyer could easily avoid corruption charges with a simple insanity plea.

Impeachment probe ends as Trump preemptively pardons all Republicans

In a sweeping move, president Trump signed an executive order today that pardons Republicans of any and all crimes. The order, which also releases any registered Republicans who are incarcerated, completely exonerates any future wrongdoings by right-wing public figures and citizens. “Conservatives are being targeted. Period.” Trump stated. “Fine Americans shouldn’t live in constant fear that they’ll eventually be caught and charged for doing something wrong. I can’t fucking sleep!” a puffy-eyed Trump shouted. “It’s unfair! And it’s cruel and it is unusual psychological punishment – which is not allowed under the 8th Amendment!” As of press time, the executive order had been added as the fifty-seventh example of obstruction of justice by the Trump Administration.

Tired of excessive eye contact, women are going braless after ‘Me Too’

“I never thought I’d have to say this, but my boobs are down there.”

A spike in birth control costs is hampering women’s ability to buy mom jeans

An industry-wide spike in the price of birth control has bumped the average monthly cost from $47 up to $125, forcing many women to have to choose between a pill that prevents pregnancy and a hideous article of clothing that prevents pregnancy. “Unless Congress can make some major changes to our healthcare system, I don’t see the prescription price dropping anytime soon,” reproductive physician Sarah Simmons stated. “Luckily, mom jeans are cost-effective over time and a perfect substitute for birth control. The high-waisted, straight-legged style provides a truly un-fuckable look.”

NASA’s Curiosity rover finds creepy doll in Mars’ Gale Crater

Scientists at NASA were stunned today when the Curiosity rover came across a toy doll while it was exploring Mars’ Gale Crater. Experts have no explanation for how the strange doll got there.

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