Frozen waffles are for tasteless psychopaths

If you enjoy eating frozen shit saucers that come out of the toaster one of two ways: burnt to a crisp or looking like someone fucked it to death, then you are a certified psychopath.

Increased risk of mental and physical disorders in high IQ people, obvious study finds

A recent study by the scientific journal Intelligence shows that people with high IQs are more likely to suffer from mental anxiety and hyper-reactive central nervous systems. What do you think? -Sharon Jenkins, Anger Management Coach – Jarret Zewinski, Learning Disabilities Specialist -Leonard Steiner, Stock Broker, Psychic Source

Can opener hasn’t been washed since it was bought 7 years ago

A can opener that was purchased from a Schaumburg, Illinois IKEA in 2012 has never been washed once in its life. Can opener owner Sean Miller says he has his reasons for never cleaning the device. “In all fairness I’m not really sure if you’re supposed put this model in the dishwasher because of the plastic handle,” Miller stated while opening a can of sardines. “Plus, it’s not like can openers really get that dirty.”

95% of Americans Don’t Believe That Eric Trump Has Any Bottom Teeth


A recent Gallop Poll of 7,500 Americans showed that 95% of citizens don’t believe Eric Trump has a bottom set of teeth. More News Support the Author Take me to the MEMES!

Kids, Give Dad What He Really Wants For Father’s Day: The Divorce Papers



‘Food Smellers’ Need to Stop Weirding-Out Normal Eaters


“People who have to smell their food before eating it are complete monsters.”

Scientists End Debate: ‘Pineapple Belongs on Pizza if You Enjoy Pineapple on Pizza, You Shitheads’


“Science has confirmed that you all can shut the [expletive] up about it.”

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