Glenn Beck Converts to Islam, Burns Down Notre Dame Cathedral


“You won’t hear about this, but I burned down the Notre Dame Cathedral,” Beck confirmed live on Fox & Friends. “This was France’s 9/11 and if I weren’t there to see it firsthand, you’d never know it was me: Glenn Beck, a casual, disposable, everyday Islamic terrorist.”


Breaking: Extremism Ban Passes US House & Senate

“If you’re banned you’ll be relocated to a garbage island off the coast of New Jersey.” – Nancy Pelosi

Rush Limbaugh has Been Missing for an Entire Year


Limbaugh was last seen near his home in Palm Beach, FL.

United Kicked Woman Off Plane for Refusing to Remove Religious Headscarf, Speak


Trump tweeted and gave approval for the TSA to ban all passengers from flying if they dress like the suspect who is now in detainment.

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