Ben Roethlisberger, who is out for the NFL season, is now paired with Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars


Ben Roethlisberger and Sean Spicer will team up for the foreseeable future as partners on Dancing With the Stars. The two will be the first same-sex couple to hit the dance floor in 27 seasons. Despite the incredible height and strength difference, Roethlisberger will be taking on the traditionally female roles for all dance forms and styles as part of the his contract negotiations. Photo credits Gage Skidmore, Jeffrey Beall

ABC just cast everyone who’s left the Trump administration to fill next 24 seasons of Dancing With The Stars


ABC’s Dancing With The Stars announced today that they’ve cast of all 290 people who’ve left the Trump administration to fill the talent slots for the show’s next 24 seasons.

North West’s Pet Hamster Kills Itself After Being Stuck With Kim Kardashian for Two Hours


23andMe Discovers Gary Busey & Boris Johnson Are Trump’s Brothers

“Genetically-speaking the lineage has certain characteristics that really stand out; such as having categorically unpleasant hair and personalities.” – 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki

Sarah McLachlan Passes The Curse of The Arms of The Angel on to Maelyn Jarmon Live on The Voice

Elders of the ASPCA materialized on stage. Cloaked in black hoods, they hovered and waited for Jarmon to sign their commercial contract in her own blood.

Kim Kardashian Sues Jack in the Box Over Explosive Diarrhea

“Because of the extreme food poisoning, Kim has also experienced dramatic silicone loss in the [expletive], lip and breast regions.”

Disney’s Jungle Cruise Movie is Finally PC Enough to Film After 13 Years of Rewrites

“We totally nixed three scenes where Dwayne Johnson would’ve been firing his gun at a bunch of hippos for absolutely no reason.”

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