It’s Been 50 Years Since Neil Armstrong Definitely Pissed Himself on The Moon


Armstrong says he didn’t really need to pee, but that he was pranked by NASA…


Trump’s High School Revokes GED

“We estimate that the president stopped caring about the English language at, or around, the 4th grade.”

Trump: “Let’s All Just Say Half of the Pledge and Call It a Day”

“I’d be fine if Americans just recited half of the Pledge of Allegiance and then carried on with school or whatever.” – Trump

Virginia Politician: “What if We Only Painted Our Genitals?”

“The letter went on in vivid detail describing the painting process, preferred makeup brands, how to wash mascara out of your underwear, and more.”

Nearly Half of Boy Scouts Become Forest-Dwelling Socialists

It is not uncommon for Bear Cubs (scouts as young as 8 or 9 years old) to leave their families for a better life in the forest.

1 Millionth American Dies on Park Bench


Memorial seats are truly unique pieces of furniture and a longstanding tradition in American public spaces. #Memorial #America

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