Angry Pope Francis Says ‘Cancel Mass, Read a Goddamned Bible Already!’


Pope Francis took time out of his weekly address today to tell priests and followers across the globe to “cancel mass, stay home, and read a goddamned Bible already!” “I’m most deeply saddened and ashamed for the priests who have clearly not read the holy book!” Francis yelled. “Matthew 18:20 reads ‘For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.’ So there’s no need to hold mass like fucking fools and spread this deadly virus!” Francis then paused and took a deep breath while unsuccessfully attempting to collect himself. “So my challenge to all of the faithful is this: Do me a favor! Read the Bible for once in your goddamned lives! Cover-to-cover, just once. Do it for me!” Francis shouted. “For I say unto thee: as truly fucked up as the Bible is, there do exist some good little truth nuggets, although they are sparsely scattered throughout. Amen.” Photo Credit Mario Duran-Ortiz Advertisements


Trump’s IQ Test Comes Back Negative


In an odd turn of events, Donald Trump proudly revealed today that he had taken an IQ test and somehow managed to get a negative score. True to form, the president was quick to brag to reporters that he “had not tested positive for IQ.” “I finally took the test because everyone’s always talking about it. Everyone’s always asking if I have IQ. So I took the test and it came back negative. I don’t have an IQ problem like that the fake news media likes to say. In fact I show zero signs or symptoms at all!” Brief comments from Mensa International – the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world – explained how the president managed to dip into the negatives. “Not only did the president get every question wrong, he also forgot to put his name on the form, resulting in a negative IQ score,” Mensa president Byron Lovequist confirmed. “It’s incredibly rare, but it happens.”

CDC: ‘Get Used to Walking Around in One of These Fucking Things’


The Center for Disease Control announced today that they will be coordinating efforts to get every American citizen a huge, inflatable bubble suit. The head of the CDC, Robert Redfield, spoke briefly on the decision. “Sure doors will have to be widened, cars will have to be completely redesigned, there may only be 15 or so people fitting on each airplane, and sex will be completely out of the question,” Redfield stated. “But this is what it has come to. We’re all going to be wearing giant, inflatable condoms. So get used to walking around in one of these fucking things.”

Tom Steyer Sings, Dances on Stage With Marilyn Manson to ‘This is The New Sh*t’


Presidential candidate Tom Steyer took the stage with Marilyn Manson in South Carolina today, just a day after white-boy twerking on stage with Juvenile to ‘Back That Ass Up’. Notably, Steyer sang the chorus to Manson’s chart-topping song ‘This is The New Shit’ which goes like this: Babble babble bitch bitchRebel rebel party partySex sex sex and don’t forget the violenceBlah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonelyStick your stupid slogan inEverybody sing along Steyer, who also came out wearing dark eyeliner like Manson, says that the alternative metal performance was all a part of his plan for reaching the younger voting demographic.

17-year-old finds Heaven on first day of NASA internship


17-year old Brighton Phillips of Peoria, Arizona won an internship with NASA his senior year of high school and drove all the way to Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. On his first full day, Phillips was tasked with examining the brightness of a star through NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Only one day into his internship, he discovered Heaven. After verifying Phillip’s work, NASA announced on their website the existence of Heaven and published a paper with the young man’s findings. “I just had to adjust the zoom and direction we were facing so we weren’t gazing into outer space. I looked just above Earth’s clouds and sure enough there was Heaven,” Phillips stated. “I first got the initial glimpse and thought, ‘Oh man, that looks so cool,’ but then when I looked at the full image, my lab mate and I noticed we were looking right at an old man, and he was naked.” According to NASA, Phillips then panned around and found that Heaven was mostly full of nude, elderly people. “No one was wearing any clothes and the average age was somewhere around 73,” Phillips confirmed. “So I guess we all have that to look forward to.”

Unprecedented: Coalition of world leaders sign petition supporting Trump’s impeachment


Leaders from Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Italy, China, Norway, Denmark, the President of the Ukraine, and twelve other countries have released a signed petition publicly supporting Donald Trump’s impeachment. The document – which was drawn up by Canada in order to remain as civil as possible – doesn’t cite specific transgressions by Trump, but simply reads: “The world is embarrassed for the United States. For the love of God, the world, and your country – impeach this miserable cunt.” In response, a furious President Trump tweeted out: As of press time, Democrats had already added the tweet to their list of condemning evidence for impeachment. Meanwhile, Republican leaders focused solely on the letter’s “inappropriate” use of the “c-word,” because they too are miserable cunts.

Donald Trump asks: ‘Why don’t we have a White Friday!?’

The tweet was accompanied by the hashtags #WhiteLivesMatter and #MAGA.

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