Full Trump-Ingraham Clip Shows President Kept On Comparing the Jacob Blake Shooting to Golf


During an interview on Fox News, president Trump told Laura Ingraham that the police officer who shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back had “choked” much like “missing a three foot putt.” But the strange answer didn’t stop there. In the edited out portion of the tape, Trump continued his comparison for another fourteen minutes. “Everyone knows that seven shots is over par for any hole. So I don’t know what that officer was doing. That’s sloppy play.” Trump stated. “But when you think about it, seven shots over par on… say the back nine at Mar-a-Lago is actually pretty good. So it really just depends on whatever it is we’re talking about here.” At this point Ingraham had unsuccessfully tried to stop Trump’s insensitive, incoherent rambling twice, but he continued. “You know, just the other day I was playing golf with a few Black guys and I shot a hole in one. I shot a hole in one on a par five. Can you believe it?” Trump asked a stunned Ingraham. “And honestly that’s the closest I’ve come to what that officer did because honestly nobody has done more for the Black community than me. Maybe Abraham Lincoln. Maybe Lincoln. I wonder if he golfed.” Photo credit Gage Skidmore

Raw: Big Bird Explains Racism to Kids by Beating Elmo Senseless on CNN Town Hall


CNN has come under fire after their town hall on racism this morning took a dark turn. Parents across the country are now voicing their outrage after the news channel allowed the Sesame Street character Big Bird to beat the ever-living hell out of Elmo while providing little to no context. At one point Big Bird could be overheard shouting “Get out of here you red bastard!” as he chased Elmo. “We don’t like your color around these parts!” “They certainly didn’t sugar coat it,” concerned parent Bernice Bernard stated. “But they sure as hell didn’t explain it either.” Within minutes nearly all of the children attending the town hall had joined in to help tackle and apprehended Big Bird, suggesting that the blunt and traumatic approach could very well have worked.

Officer Shouts ‘They’ve All Got a Gun!’ After Wheeling WWI Canon Into Crowd


Police officers are under investigation for grand theft and possession of a prohibited weapon after wheeling a WWI cannon from nearby Gold Medal Park and leaving it in a crowd of protesters in downtown Minneapolis. Three officers have been put on administrative leave and could also face charges for defacing property and planting false evidence.

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