Donald Trump asks: 'Why don't we have a White Friday!?'

The tweet was accompanied by the hashtags #WhiteLivesMatter and #MAGA.


Joe Biden: “When I’m elected everyone will get a free gramophone!”


Joe Biden announced his plan at the Democratic Debate last night to enhance learning opportunities for underprivileged children. The former vice president says, if elected, he’ll be providing everyone with a free gramophone and educational vinyl records that explain why modern day racial inequality “isn’t all that bad.” Photo credit Jalal gerald Aro

Webster’s Dictionary Adds Photo of Trump to the Definition of ‘Racist’


Today marks the first time that Merriam-Webster has put an official photograph in their famous dictionary.

Trump Poops His Pants at Pennsylvania Rally


The president cut his speech short and shuffled sideways offstage.

Republicans Blame Parkinson’s For Racial Gerrymandering After Ban By Supreme Court


Deliberately drawing zigzagging lines around all the white people will no longer be an option.

‘Uber Old’ Will Let Elderly Passengers Ride Along, Tell Stories


The option will let baby boomers and the remainder of the silent generation enjoy the company of others.

Courageous Group is Taking Back the Swastika.


“I’m not sure why we’d give the swastika to one side over the other,” Trump stated. “If we’re trying to accept everyone, we need to start by including minority groups like the Klan in these discussions.”

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