New Twitter Update Will Add An Animated Bird That Suggests Slurs & Insults To Spice Up Your Tweets

Elon Musk announced today that the remaining 17 employees at Twitter have been working day and night to finish a software update that will help users to insult other people on the platform with more creativity.

“It’s kind of like Clippy from Microsoft Office, but much more aggressive, entertaining, and foul-mouthed,” Musk confirmed.

Musk says the update was necessary as he was becoming “Incredibly bored” while spending hours reading through thousands of tweets every day.

“It’s been getting kind of dry. I’ve been seeing the same insults used over and over again,” Musk stated. “So consider this bird to be more like a devious Twitter thesaurus that shares unique names and slurs for users to sling at each other.”

Musk showed reporters one example screenshot of the angry, animated bird encouraging a conservative to “kick their tweet up a notch.”

“It looks like you’re arguing with a liberal again,” the bird says while analyzing a user’s drafted tweet. “Consider trying something more creative than ‘libtard’ or ‘snowflake’. May I suggest stringing words together like ‘triggered-blue-haired-jackass-commie’?”

The new software update is expected to release sometime in the next two weeks.

Critics say that the move by Musk will likely backfire because conservatives have no interest in expanding their vocabulary. Yet, others say that this isn’t really a problem because nothing has – to this point – stopped a Republican from loudly yelling about something that they don’t understand.

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