Kyle Rittenhouse, Casey Anthony & OJ Simpson Raising Money To Sue Media For Defamation

Famous murder trial defendants Kyle Rittenhouse, Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson have joined forces in a new fundraising initiative called The Media Accountability Project. Rittenhouse says the money raised will help take certain media outlets and individuals to court to hold them accountable for their defamatory lies.

“Just because you pose with groups like the Proud Boys or flash white power signs doesn’t mean that you’re racist,” a teary-eyed Rittenhouse told reporters. “And just because you shoot people with a gun and they die it doesn’t make you a murderer. So if you call me a racist murderer I’m going to sue you.”

The racist murderer continued.

“The media has called all of us cold blooded killers. They’ve been doing it to OJ for decades – even though the glove didn’t fit – so we decided it’s time to do something about it,” Rittenhouse said as he started sobbing. “Just because we’re public figures and a lot of people think we’re guilty doesn’t mean that they have the right to say it out loud.”

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