Donald Trump Just Asked: ‘Why Don’t We Have A White Friday!?’

Donald Trump is in hot water today after asking why there isn’t a “White Friday” on Truth Social.

Trump’s post read:

“How come every year it’s Black Friday? Always with the Black. When are we going to have White Friday!? They already get the whole month of February! #WhiteLivesMatter #MAGA”

After a rapid and loud outcry from nearly all 78 liberals that use the platform, the post was quickly deleted.

When discussing his statement, some Republicans are trying to explain away the former president’s offensive message; stating that he shouldn’t be considered racist. One person posted:

“Hey soyboys! Trump just was kidding. You just don’t get his humor! That, or maybe he is so rich that he didn’t know what Black Friday is. Or, if he meant it, Trump does have a good point with the whole February thing.”

In response, one of the liberal users on Truth Social stated:

“In his defense, it does appear that the former guy was completely unaware of what Black Friday is – not because he’s rich – but because he’s accustomed to just stealing things or simply refusing to pay for various goods and services.”

As of press time, Trump says that he didn’t post the statement and is instead claiming that his account had been hacked by Antifa.

“Liz Cheney called up Antifa and paid them to hack my Truth Social account today and post – what I am told – was an incredibly bad message. Apparently very bad. It’s all going to come out. Just wait. You’ll find out,” Trump said in a post on his social media platform.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Just Asked: ‘Why Don’t We Have A White Friday!?’

  1. I checked out Trump’s twitter feed and there is no tweet in regards to Black Friday or White Friday. He doesn’t typically delete tweets so I’m guessing it never happened.

  2. The man shows yet again what a racist he is. But the Trumpazoids will continue to defend him over and over.

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