Critical Racist Has Theory That US Should Defund Military

Critical Racist Laura Ingraham Has Theory That US Should Defund The Military

Critical of the US military, racist Fox News host Laura Ingraham shared a theory that the United States should defund the military if it plans to support the teaching of critical race theory. The TV host spoke out about the topic last night on her show the Ingraham Angle.

“If they are going to teach soldiers that racism was and is real, and that people like me are extremists, then we must stop sending our tax dollars to this military altogether!” an emotional Ingraham shouted while standing up on top of her desk. “And just because I agree with nearly every single thing white nationalists say, well that doesn’t mean that I’m a white nationalist. I’ve yet to attend any of the klan rallies I’ve been invited to, but I’m polite enough to RSVP.”

Ingraham concluded her show by saying that she is “totally outraged” that the US military will not whitewash history.

“I refuse to allow some made-up, fake Black struggle dirty the clean, white pages of our nation’s great history books!” Ingraham yelled. “Congress had better not give the military a single penny until they’re teaching history that makes white people look as good as it feels to be white.”

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

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