Joe Rogan Uses ‘Free Speech’ Segment To Celebrate Saying The ‘N-Word’ For His 25th Time On Air

Joe Rogan took a very brief break from spreading coronavirus disinformation on his podcast yesterday in order hold a 5-minute “segment on free speech” just so he could say the n-word for his 25th time on air.

“I practice a lot so I feel that I’m pretty good about using it correctly,” Rogan stated. “And before anyone freaks out – I just want to say that all of this is really harmless because it’s not aimed at anyone. Besides it’s not like any ******s listen to me anyway. Oh shit! There it is. I accidentally said it already!”

Rogan laughed as balloons and streamers fell from the ceiling and his staff hung up a string of letters on the wall behind him that also spelled out the word.

“What’s the point in saying white people can’t say one little word?” Rogan added. “We already get to have everything else. So what’s gonna stop me from saying n*****!?”

As of press time Spotify said that there would be no actions taken against Rogan.

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