Trump Says It’s ‘Unfair’ That Men Are Losing $1 for Every 79¢ a Woman Loses as Joblessness Spreads

With countless stay-at-home orders and company shutdowns across the country, many people are being hit hard in the wallet, but president Trump says it’s especially hard for men. “Men are losing the most,” president Trump told journalists in an address on the White House lawn. “For every $1 lost by a man, only 79¢ is lost by their female counterpart. It’s unfair. Totally unfair.” President Trump says he’s asking Congress to pass a bill that helps the highest paid group with the most to lose: straight white men. “So prepare for some bailouts of large corporations who will be required to give their CEOs bonuses and raises to re-tip the scales and make everything as it should be again,” Trump stated. “As always, I will do anything for my people folks. I will protect the true Americans.”

Most American Males have Larger Boobs Than Their Wives


Female researches have remained cold and distant, uninterested in helping to solve this growing problem.

McDonald’s to Open 375,000 New Restaurants: One for Each Employee


“This will allow every single employee to move up the ladder and manage their own McDonald’s.”

Volvo Unveils Controversial Car Designed ‘Exclusively for Women’


“Volvo states that “physically, the cars will be exactly the same as current models; however…”

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