Most Americans Happy Game of Star Wars is Over

A Gallop Poll of 7,500 Americans has found that 87% of Americans didn’t watch Game of Star Wars and can’t wait for everyone else to shut the fuck up about it. What do you think?


Mel Simmons, 47 – Pool Boy at Aspen Grove Retirement Community

“Look, it’s not that I wasn’t interested in learning about Trek of Thrones, but I’m just busy being a sexy, middle-aged pool boy.”


Mary Mooloudlie, 41 – Paid HBO Viewer
“Star Thrones: Into the Menace Jedi was pretty great. That Luke Spockwalker is a total babe. Wow, is this what belonging feels like!?”



Adam Unspur, 33 – Stay-at-Home Son
“If Throne Clones: The Last Generation fans are demanding a complete reshoot of the final season, then I’ve avoided 71 episodes of anticlimactic bullshit.”

Photo by Klapi

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