BREAKING: Caitlyn Jenner Unlikely To Win After Majority Of Supporters Escape The California Homeless Via Private Jet


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Man Doesn’t Get Why People Waste Money On Therapy When You Can Just Completely Lose It On National Television Instead


Counting Expert Called in to Solve Iowa Caucus Debacle

MLB releases hundreds of players from prison after league-wide decision to stop incarcerations for positive THC tests

Major League Baseball released 257 players from prison who were serving time for positive THC tests. The move comes after the league and player’s union decided jointly that they would no longer test players for the substance. What do you think?

Melania Trump uses her icy cold stare to activate her telekinesis and levitate an angel on top of the White House Christmas Tree

Disgruntled LASIK surgeon might just cut straight through to the brain this time

Cory Booker’s eyes pop out during Democratic Debate

Cory Booker’s eyes shot out of his skull with a sickening pop on live TV during MSNBCs Democratic Debate. The stomach-turning scene took place during a heated exchange between Booker and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Upon eyeball ejection, Booker immediately uttered, “Ohhhh! Not again!” before swiftly scooping up his eyeballs and plugging them back into the wrong sockets. Noticing his error, the candidate quickly placed his them back into the correct holes – creating a sickening suction sound – before twisting them into place. Moderator Rachel Maddow then paused the debate and MSNBC went to commercial in order to clean up representative Tusli Gabbard’s vomit.

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