Increased risk of mental and physical disorders in high IQ people, obvious study finds

A recent study by the scientific journal Intelligence shows that people with high IQs are more likely to suffer from mental anxiety and hyper-reactive central nervous systems. What do you think? -Sharon Jenkins, Anger Management Coach – Jarret Zewinski, Learning Disabilities Specialist -Leonard Steiner, Stock Broker, Psychic Source Advertisements


More than 1 in 4 food delivery drivers admit to eating your food


A study by US Foods revealed that a shocking twenty-eight percent of food delivery drivers have eaten customers‘ food. What do you think? More NewsSupport the AuthorTake me to the MEMES!SourcePhoto Credit franchise opportunities

Having Trouble Sleeping? Bathing in the Blood of Your Enemies Could Help


Finally there’s a way for insomniacs and worriers to get a good night’s sleep.

Scientists End Debate: ‘Pineapple Belongs on Pizza if You Enjoy Pineapple on Pizza, You Shitheads’


“Science has confirmed that you all can shut the [expletive] up about it.”

Study: Guys Use 3X More Lotion Than Girls, and Yes, You Know Why


“At least 87% of lotion used by men is vigorously rubbed on less than 1% of their bodies.”

The Science of The Butt Dial: How Your Booty Calls People Without You Knowing


“Contrary to popular belief, fingerlike appendages do not exit the butt and press on the phone screen, that’s poop you’re thinking of.”

Yale Study Says Farting Burns More Calories Than Working Out


“If friendship and odors don’t matter to you, then you could really get in great shape.”