Study: 79% Of Fox News Viewers Just People Too Challenged By TV Remotes To Learn How To Change The Channel

A study conducted by Brigham Young University has revealed that the vast majority of Fox News viewers are actually just a captivated audience of people too challenged by TV remotes to learn how to change the channel.

“It appears that these so-called viewers had a friend or family member navigate to Fox News channel for them. So they initially wanted to view this station,” professor Ryan Zelinski stated. “Since then, this large group of individuals has essentially given up on trying to figure out how to use their remotes; leaving them to ingest right wing propaganda every time they manage to locate the power button and turn the TV on.”

Zelinski added that over half of those who are stuck watching Fox News also have no idea how to turn their TVs off.

“Many who struggle to locate the power button on their remotes have instead resorted to trying to use the button that is physically on the TV,” Zelinski stated. “This has also proved difficult for this demographic as there are typically at least three buttons.”

Zelinski says that, because of all of this, most Fox News viewers are unwittingly letting their TVs fall asleep from inactivity and then blaming the powering down on things like sneaky liberal plots and evil spirits.

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