Study: Republicans Think Kids Being Aware Of ‘Straight’ Couples Is Fine, But Mentioning Gay People Is ‘Too Sexual’

A recent study by Harvard University shows that Republicans in the US strongly believe that mentioning the existence of any LGBTQ+ people to kids is inherently sexual and therefore inappropriate for them to hear about. The study comes at a time when several states are pushing laws that attempt to hide the fact that gay people exist in schools all while trying to punish teachers and adults who support LGBTQ+ kids.

“Children knowing about straight people existing and having relationships is fine, but any mention of gay or trans people means you’re being crude and inappropriately sexual with innocent children,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated. “So to be clear, I find gay people, and any mention of them, to be very sexual.”

DeSantis continued.

“A man and a woman holding hands is fine for kids to hear about – or see depicted in a book – for example,” DeSantis stated. “But a queer couple doing the same thing is akin to pushing hardcore porn onto kids – and I’ve seen my fair share of gay porn to know it.”

“We also don’t want children to be influenced into choosing to become gay or trans or whatever alphabet letter they pick.” DeSantis smiled. “Because they will be treated like shit by people like me. That’s pretty much the main reason I chose to be straight a long time ago.”

Notably, the double-blind Harvard study is being accepted as clear proof that only homophobic people see the existence of LGBTQ+ people as being inherently sexual. Harvard added that the results can be clearly tied to their previous study that showed all homophobic men are gay.

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