fox weather channel lie to people about the temperature

Rupert Murdoch’s New Fox Weather Channel Will Blame The Radical Left For Storms, Natural Disasters

Fox News’ owner Rupert Murdoch announced today that he will be launching the all-new Fox Weather Channel; a 24-hour stream that “promises to do for 7-day forecasts what Fox has done for American politics.”

Notably, Murdoch says the station will blame the radical left for every single storm or natural disaster that takes place, not only in the US, but internationally as well.

“Our viewers will be hearing about liberal lava flows, homosexual hurricanes, transgender tornados, Antifa avalanches, and equal rights earthquakes,” Murdoch stated. “There’s also likely to be plenty of biracial blizzards, fascist floods, Democrat droughts and Trotsky tsunamis.”

Although Murdoch has already poached several top weather reporters from news channels around the country, the billionaire says that Fox Weather won’t actually be using any technology or science when it comes to their forecasting.

“It’s not even to keep a low budget, our audience just doesn’t care if we do any research, we’ll just guess,” Murdoch stated. “And if we’re wrong we can just blame the radical left for that too. It’s a tried and true model.”

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