FL Gov. To Host Huge Event To Figure Out Why His Supporters Keep Dying

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval rating hit an all time low today as more and more of his followers continued to die off. In response to the latest numbers, DeSantis plans to host a town hall with his supporters to figure out why they keep dying at such an alarming rate.

“If I had to guess why all of this death is happening, I’d say it was the illegal immigrants crossing the border 400 miles away are bringing disease,” DeSantis stated. “That’s probably it.”

DeSantis also mentioned that the town hall will be mask-free and that they will not be checking vaccination status for attendees.

Kool-Aid and Ivermectin will also be available at the event. Guns are not allowed.

Additionally, fellow Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene weighed in on the spike in Florida deaths today on Twitter.

“This is the direct result of George Soros funding Jewy space lasers built by the Chinese.” Greene Tweeted. “There’s no other possible explanation.”

As of press time the event was already sold out. The full-capacity, 21,000 person BB&T Center will host the town hall – the largest indoor arena in the state.

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

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