‘Months of Pegging’ Needed for Brady to Overcome Super Bowl Loss

“The last time that Tom was this upset was after the 31-0 loss to the Bills in 2003.”


President Still Learning How to Drink Water

“We estimate that he was out cold with water in his lungs for about 2 minutes.”

BREAKING NEWS: 4th of July Stunner

In a shocking turn of events, it seems that people are gearing up for the Fourth of July by doing the exact same type of shit that they did last year. The grills are out, the beer is somewhat cold, Grandma just shit in the pool, and nobody is watching the kids. Your creepy uncle…

Grandma is a Taylor Swift Fan

I may be old, but this little choice bit of calico really is the bee’s knees. I mean it. She’s a bearcat, hotsy-totsy that is more than allowed to give the icy mitt…