FOX News gives Sarah Huckabee Sanders 705 days of back pay for work at White House

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Masters Resting Bitch Face Just in Time to Replace Sarah Sanders


Grisham is scheduled to take a crowbar to the face later today in an attempt to make her eye situation match that of Sanders.

Sarah Sanders: “Memorial Day is a Republican Holiday”


“Patriotism, the military, and war are all inherently republican. We own them,” Sanders stated.

Trump Eats 17 McDonald’s Apple Pies for Pi Day


“Mr. Trump rationalized eating 17 apple pies before vomiting all over himself and his desk. It makes sense to us, but we don’t expect the mainstream media to get it.” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Remorseful Jim Acosta ‘What the Fuck Have I Done!?’


“Jim just got front row seats to Broadway’s shit musical ‘Adolph Twitler: The Fuckface von Clownstick Story’

Trail of Korean Water Ghosts is Closing in on America


“If all of this goes according to their godless plan, the Korean Water Ghosts will force us to follow their cultural views or be killed.”

United Kicked Woman Off Plane for Refusing to Remove Religious Headscarf, Speak


Trump tweeted and gave approval for the TSA to ban all passengers from flying if they dress like the suspect who is now in detainment.

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