Virginia Politician: “What if We Only Painted Our Genitals?”

An anonymous letter sent to the Virginia Times newspaper is asking the question: “Is it racist if I paint my genitals black?”

The author, who claims to be a “prominent government official” appears to be wavering between an apology or embracing and promoting the activity.

“If what I did was wrong, then I’m genuinely sorry and will totally own my mistakes,” the author wrote. “However, if nobody cares, then I suggest we start a group for people like me. We could call it the ‘Blackhawks Club’ and it wouldn’t be racist because it’s easier for African Americans to join.”

From here the letter went on in vivid detail describing the painting process, preferred makeup brands, how to wash mascara out of your underwear, and more. The author ended their letter looking for guidance.

“In conclusion, I’m not sure if I should own my mistake or if this is more of a fun fetish type-of-thing? Please help.”

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