Sexual Predator Could be 2nd Alien on Supreme Court

“The investigation is not meant to be a space expedition. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Space Force yet.” – Kellyanne Conway


Trump Thinks He Nominated Glenn Sturgis from ‘Superstore’ to Supreme Court


Trump intended to nominate Mark McKinney who plays the role of Glenn Sturgis in NBC’s ‘Superstore’.

Jeff Sessions is Using Marijuana to Cope With His Job


The amount of marijuana that Mr. Sessions consumes on a daily basis is staggering.

FOX News Anxiously Awaits Another Tragedy


“I hate to say this folks, but it’s to the point where we may have to make something up.”

Donald Trump’s Body is Trying to Leave His Brain


The president’s internal struggle has become quite tangible. #MindOverMatter

Mike Pence Banned From Grindr


“Our first guideline for all users is that you cannot use nude photos in your profile, so that was strike one.”

Trump Supporters Denied ‘Protected Class Status’ Continue Fight


“As the Supreme Court of Alabama is the highest court in America, we will be continuing our fight on another path.”

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