Princeton Study: How Trump Defeated Clinton, Why the Polls Were Wrong

A lot of Democrats were not expecting Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. The polls showed a likely win for her, but the results did not reflect that; whatsoever. Now we have a fail-safe and proven reason as to why he managed to become the next President of the United States of America.

We all know that the polling numbers, pre-election, were incredibly inaccurate – and a Princeton University study has just explained why:

“By analyzing the exit polls – and interviewing just over 25,600 Trump supporters after they cast their ballots on this historic election – we have conclusively found that there is one reason that Hillary Clinton and Democrats were blindsided,” Princeton Professor of Political Science, David J. Chartier said.

“We have conclusively found that the statistically-proven reality of what occurred in the 2016 election is this: Hundreds and hundreds-of-thousands of people were ashamed to admit their racist, sexist, anti-LGBT, or other negative views regarding the marginalized groups that Donald Trump frequently belittled throughout his campaign, and life. They did not honestly tell pollsters how they felt until their votes were cast. This kind of vote is what we are now calling ‘The Hidden, Uneducated Hate Vote’,” stated Chartier.

The University of Princeton has not only figured out what happened in this election, but they have also offered a solution so that this kind of situation does not happen again. Here’s what their findings offered:

“The United States must fund and improve their education system to lessen the profound ignorance found in our country. Ignorance causes fear – which causes hate – which subsequently causes the election of people like Donald Trump.”

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3 thoughts on “Princeton Study: How Trump Defeated Clinton, Why the Polls Were Wrong

  1. Pathetic. Even the experts say it will be months, if not years, before they understand all of the ins and outs of what happened. As for Trump voters being racist… did you know that 10% of Obama voters from 2008/2012 voted for Trump?? So, you’re saying that at least 10% of Obama voters were racist? Or perhaps they were okay back then but caught the “racists” virus somehow before the election. Maybe they caught it standing in line.

    What a pathetic race-baiting article.

  2. Why were the polls wrong? The main stream media was pushing clinton, the polls were being skewed by over sampling democrats and the pundits were just full of it. Remember 2000 when the major news outlets called Florida for Gore before the polls closed in the Florida panhandle and thousands headed to the polls stopped and went home. When all the hype was for clinton many (BUT NOT ALL) didn’t go vote for Trump. (Look at the total number of votes: 128,5M in 2012 and 127,4M in 2016) Well, now when we look at polls we will have a different opinion, are they lying to us again?

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