Sexual Predator Could be 2nd Alien on Supreme Court

With the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation vote on Friday, another sexual Predator has moved one step closer to joining extraterrestrial sex machine Clarence Thomas on the bench. A very limited FBI investigation into Predator 2 is underway with the White House putting tight constraints on who the U.S. domestic intelligence and security service can interview and what they can look for.

The investigation “will be limited in scope, it’s meant to last one week, and … it’s not meant to be a space expedition. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Space Force yet.”  Stated Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump. “There’s no reason to see if this Predator is from the same galaxy, solar system or planet as us,” Conway stated.

While republicans are confident in their Supreme Court nominee, democrats say that they just want to make certain that this 2nd Predator, who prefers to be referred to as ‘Kavanaugh’ or ‘Clit Commander,’ isn’t a drunken rapist.

Photo by: yeowatzup, no endorsement implied.

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