National Association of Funeral Directors Says Photos of Dead are ‘On Fleek’


“It’s crazy to say it, but you almost wish they weren’t dead.”


1 Millionth American Dies on Park Bench

Memorial seats are truly unique pieces of furniture and a longstanding tradition in American public spaces. #Memorial #America

Google & Pampers Partner to Make ‘Pampers Glass’ Diapers


“Now it will look like you want to pay attention to your baby.”

Deadliest Toys From The 90’s

A handheld digital pet hailing from Japan, the Tamagotchi was a needy electronic animal that…

Woman Accidentally Sends Thoughts & Prayers on Facebook



Papa John’s Delivery Driver Saves Woman’s Life

Everything began when delivery driver Jessica Sturns noticed that something was awry when she saw the additional comment on the delivery instructions which read:

Widowed Grandmother Could Give “Two Shits” About “20-Something Year Old” Grandson’s “Feeling Lonely on Valentine’s Day” Facebook Status

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