Deadliest Toys From The 90’s

The 90’s were chock-full of amazing toys that we all enjoyed while growing up. Unfortunately, there were several dangerous toys that made it through to the general public that many argue should never have been released. Be it poor oversight or user incompetence, these are the toys that really racked up a death toll:

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Talkboy/Talkgirl – Made popular by the movie ‘Home Alone 2’ starring Macaulay Culkin, this recording device was frequently used in domestic disputes – not for legal documentation – but as a weapon. At least 70 blunt-force trauma deaths were reported in 1992 alone.

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Tamagotchi – A handheld digital pet hailing from Japan, the Tamagotchi was a needy electronic animal that – among other things – had to be fed a “meal” in order to keep it happy. Due to a programming malfunction in about .05% of the toys, nearly 2,400 children died in 1997 when an unfed device’s hunger would cause them to become sentient and begin eating the kids’ soft tissues – typically targeting the eyes and then burrowing directly into the brain.

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Super Soaker CPS 2000 – When released in 1996, The Super Soaker CPS was the strongest water gun on the market. Just 3 weeks after it’s release, women began going missing in Long Island, New York. Years later, 17 bodies were discovered – all found to have been shot to death by the toy, and then bundled up in burlap sacks along Ocean Parkway.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.17.49 PMTotally Hair Barbie – The best-selling Barbie of all-time, Totally Hair Barbie was an adorable version of the classic doll. With luscious hair reaching down to her ankles, the toy was a favorite product to purchase for bald or balding men. With countless men cutting off and stapling the doll’s hair to their scalp, it is estimated that over 400 men died from horrific infections or blood loss. To this day, those with a sharp eye can still spot those who survived the makeshift hair transplant – with the most prominent individual being U.S. President Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.19.03 PMSky Dancers – Constructed with a pull-string and foam wings, these dolls came with a bedazzled stand. When placed on its base, kids could then pull the string and let go to send their Sky Dancer flying in the air. In a shipping mishap, the manufacturer, ‘Play Along Toys’, accidentally received Gillette G1000 razor blades in lieu of foam-formed wings. Oblivious to the error, factory workers were later held responsible for approximately 250 deaths resulting from lacerations to the larynx, trachea, and esophagus of those playing with the toy.

Lawn Darts.

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