Google & Pampers Partner to Make ‘Pampers Glass’ Diapers

Google and Pampers have announce that they will be releasing a reusable, clear, smart diaper by the end of winter 2019. The diaper, which will weigh in at 2.5lbs, will be equipped with all of the advance features that can be found in Google Glass technology.

The touch screen on your kid’s new diaper device will be see-through and cover all portions of the first wearable smart technology designed for children under 4.

Preliminary testing was conducted with parents taking their babies and toddlers through their normal, daily routines while their child was wearing Pampers Glass. Although over 90% of trial runs went smoothly, Issues did arise:

One mother using Pampers Glass to search Facebook held her 3-month-old up in front of her face while grocery shopping and walked the baby straight through a glass tank full of live lobsters at Whole Foods.

Another parent was texting his friend on Pampers Glass while driving and rear-ended a semi truck that had come to a stop – sending his 2-year-old toddler through the windshield of his Ford Explorer.

From initial consumer testing feedback, here are some Pros and Cons of the Pampers Glass smart diaper.


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