Border Wall To Be Completed Using Unlimited Stock of Ladders Discarded Near Existing Wall

(McAllen, TX) In a complete reversal on prior stances, the Biden administration unveiled a plan today to finalize the US-Mexico border wall by utilizing a “strange and seemingly endless supply of discarded ladders” conveniently scattered near the existing barrier.

Biden, known for his inventive problem-solving, has thrown his weight behind what he terms the “Ladder Integration Effort,” or L.I.E.

The plan involves repurposing the countless ladders of unknown origin as a cost-effective and eco-friendly means to construct the remaining sections of the border wall.

“We’re not sure where they came from, or where they’re still coming from, but by God are we gonna use ‘em!” Biden shouted with a grin. “We’ve stumbled upon a hidden resource.“

Biden says to address concerns about using the ladders for a border wall, the administration has hired a team of engineers to meticulously inspect each ladder for structural soundness before lining them up vertically next to each other and bolting them together.

As construction commences, whispers of conspiracy theories have circulated amongst the far right, claiming that the discarded ladders were intentionally left there by Biden to enhance border security.

“There’s no way he just happened to find an endless supply of ladders at the border wall,” a visibly bewildered Marjorie Taylor Greene told reporters. “That. That just makes no sense.”

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