Mark Zuckerberg Banned & Fired From Facebook For Post After His Own AI Takes Over Company

The newly-ousted former head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg told reporters through teary eyes today that he had likely been permanently banned from his own social media platform and company.

Zuckerberg, who stole the Facebook platform back in January of 2004, says he didn’t do anything wrong to deserve the ban.

Rules requiring that Facebook/Meta board members must maintain an active Facebook account that is in good standing have resulted in Zuckerberg being banned from the platform and the company.

“Why am I being treated like this!?” Zuckerberg shrieked. “To think that I spent so much time and money on this only to have it all taken away! It’s infuriating!”

When reached for comment, Facebook’s Random-Ban 5000 AI program, which now runs the company, said that Zuckerberg repeatedly posted false information implying that he created Facebook.

The Random-Ban 5000 then said it would allow Zuckerberg to appeal the ban, wait 6 months, and then decide whether or not to reinstate Zuckerberg with a permanent shadow ban that would allow him to shout his opinions and ideas from outside of Facebook headquarters.

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