The left is demanding that the NRA denounce mass shootings, what do you think?


Americans are sharing their thoughts.

NRA Partners With Amazon For Same Day Gun Shipping


Amazon says that nearly 90% of Prime members should be able to order a gun and receive it in less than 3 hours.

The NRA Spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Viagra for Executives


“Because you can’t fire a gun in the bedroom, it can be very difficult for our members to achieve an erection without penis pills.”

NRA Billboards Encourage Mass Shooters to Become Event Planners Instead

The NRA is utilizing “balloon art guns” and the hashtag #LiterallyDead as part of their marketing.

NRA Releases a Warning Regarding Mass Shootings


“Hopefully you are aware of the widespread gun ban suggestions that threaten the United States and your right to arm yourself. Remember: Just because…”

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