USPS Begins Selling New Book of Anti-Trump Stamps to Bring in More Revenue


It’s no secret that the United States Postal Service is hurting for money when they need it the most. With the Trump administration in strong opposition to additional funding, the USPS has taken it upon themselves to raise money by selling an all-new line of commemorative ‘Fuck Trump’ impeachment stamps. Notably, the stamps – which were designed by famous artist Shepard Fairey – include the date that Trump was impeached on the bottom. Historians say the stamp design marks the first time that the small, adhesive pieces of paper have depicted anyone in a negative light; let alone the president of the United States. “The president might not like the stamps, but he should really get used to seeing himself as he’s depicted: in a small, square space surrounded by men just like him,” University of California Berkeley history professor Stephanie Woods stated. “Because he’s going to be spending a lot of time in prison once his presidency is over.” If you believe in saving the United States Postal Service, please visit and purchase something.

Trump Sabotages USPS, Proving That Widespread Mail-In Voting Fraud is Possible


President Trump has finally proven that mail-in voting is prone to meddling by standing against desperately-needed funding for the struggling United States Postal Service that would allow the US to run an efficient election. Notably, Trump’s actions come just in time to meet a deadline set by a federal judge for the Trump campaign to provide proof that mail-in voting fraud takes place. “I was right folks! I was right,” Trump grinned. “They said ‘it’s never been done before; widespread mail-in voter fraud can’t be done!’ But now millions of Americans may be deprived of the right to vote and it wasn’t even that hard for me to do.” In addition to Trump leaving the USPS high and dry, authorities appointed by the president are seeing to the removal of many blue USPS mailboxes in states across the country. Despite all of this, Trump, his family members, and many on his staff all say that they will be voting by mail – just like they have been for years. “We like our mailboxes in Palm Beach,” trump winked. “So we’ll be keeping them up and running over here.”

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