Liberals glad trump was putins little bitch after hypersonic weapon announced

Democrats now glad Trump has been Putin’s little bitch after Russia announces new hypersonic weapon

President Trump’s approval rating amongst the left jumped from 7.2% to 42.7% after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a new, deadly, and unmatched hypersonic weapon yesterday. Democrats now admit that Trump’s submissive and subservient approach with Russia makes perfect sense.

According to Putin the new, terrifying missile can reach a velocity 27 times faster than the speed of sound, hit any part of the planet, and cannot be destroyed by modern anti-missile defense systems. What do you think?

“Maybe we should let the Russian’s participate in the election again?” – Denny Rossford, Constitutional Law Professor

“God Bless President Trump for his foresight to be Putin’s little bitch for all these years!” – Clarissa Martinez, feminist, new Trump supporter
“This officially ends our impeachment process. Mr. Trump is clearly a stable genius who plays 5-dimensional chess.” – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

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