A Furious, Confused Sarah Palin Lashes Out at Black Lives Matter


“Obviously black people love sports, and that’s why their babies are born during the basketball season, and football, and for those Kenyan blacks – the spring track season,” said Palin.


Study: 3 Out of 5 NRA Members Are Racist


A new poll by Gallup.com – the most trusted polling organization in the world – has proven that over 60% of National Rifle Association (NRA) members are racist. The study used the NRA database to randomly contact 5,500 of the over 5 million members that the organization boasts. Here are the questions that they asked: “Do you ever feel that you own weapons because you do not trust other races?” – 81.5% responded “Yes.” “Do you feel uncomfortable around people who are not of similar skin tone?” – 64.8% responded “Yes.” “When you envision having to shoot someone in order to protect your family, what ethnicity are they?” Results: 59% chose “Black/African American” 31% chose “Unsure” 10% chose “Not White” “How do you feel about having a “black” president?” 33% “Unsure” 24% Un-represented 19% Concerned that “He’s not white.” 15% Deeply saddened 9% “Expressed wanting to secede from the Union” Gallup then took their findings and contacted the American Psychological Association. Together they confirmed that at least 60% of NRA members are indeed inherently racist. Thank you for reading our latest article. For more of the latest follow us on Facebook.

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