3 out of 5 NRA Members are Racist

Study: 3 Out of 5 NRA Members Are Racist

3 out of 5 NRA Members are Racist
A new poll by Gallup.com – the most trusted polling organization in the world – has proven that over 60% of National Rifle Association (NRA) members are racist. The study used the NRA database to randomly contact 5,500 of the over 5 million members that the organization boasts.

Here are the questions that they asked:

“Do you ever feel that you own weapons because you do not trust other races?” – 81.5% responded “Yes.”

“Do you feel uncomfortable around people who are not of similar skin tone?” – 64.8% responded “Yes.”

“When you envision having to shoot someone in order to protect your family, what ethnicity are they?”

59% chose “Black/African American”
31% chose “Unsure”
10% chose “Not White”

“How do you feel about having a “black” president?”

33% “Unsure”
24% Un-represented
19% Concerned that “He’s not white.”
15% Deeply saddened
9% “Expressed wanting to secede from the Union”

Gallup then took their findings and contacted the American Psychological Association. Together they confirmed that at least 60% of NRA members are indeed inherently racist.

3 Out of 5 NRA Members Admit to Being Racist

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