Starbucks is Opening Separate Restrooms for Black Customers

In a misguided effort to make up for the unnecessary and blatantly racist arrest of two black men in a Philadelphia location last month, Starbucks has announced that it will be building separate bathrooms just for black customers. The decision was made on the same day that 8,000 Starbucks coffee shops were closed for anti-bias training.

“These separate bathrooms that only black customers will be allowed to use is a gesture that shows the African American community how important they are to Starbucks,” CEO Kevin Johnson said. “Any white person who enters a ‘Blacks Only’ bathroom will be immediately arrested and detained.”

Johnson added that these arrests will be swift as all Starbucks will now be monitored by 2 armed police officers.

“Overall, we just want to make everyone feel more welcome and safe at Starbucks,” Johnson stated. “By having separate restrooms and armed officers at each of our locations, we are certain that this will help to remedy our past transgressions.”

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