Resolution: Let’s all stop checking behind the shower curtains before going pee in 2020

A New Year’s resolution poll of over 6,000 Americans revealed that 67% of people want to break the habit of checking behind the shower curtains for murderers and monsters before going pee in 2020. Where do you stand on this issue? “Personally, I always make sure there is somebody in the shower. I can’t go unless I know I’m not alone in the bathroom.” – Dave Juarez, Volunteer Lifeguard “There could be any number of things waiting behind a shower curtain. For example, raptors. I could certainly see raptors hiding back there. Clever girls.” – Jason Stevens, Creationist Paleontologist “That’s insane! If you haven’t done anything wrong then the translucent demon spirits are not waiting behind the shower curtain to kill you and drag your soul down to Lucifer himself!” – Julia Simmons, Daycare Owner “My resolution is to remember to pick up a weapon before checking behind the curtains. I honestly have no fucking clue how I’ve lived this long.” – Gerald Smultz, Plumber Photo Credit TJStamp

President Trump tweets out an odd message about Hitler, time zones, and time travel

President Trump was first introduced to the concept of time zones today after asking staffers this morning “why does time act funny when we go from place to place?” After a painful, belabored explanation, Trump immediately grabbed his phone and tweeted the following:

Historic: Iran votes to allow women in pornography

In a narrow 151-139 vote, Iranian Parliament voted today to allow women to star in pornography. Up until today, women had been barred from appearing in any adult films or printed magazines. “No longer will we have to dress young men as women in order to shoot our films,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani smiled. “No longer will we have to pretend that we aren’t masturbating to thinly-veiled gay porn.” Going forward, Rouhani says that any citizen caught viewing the old Iranian porn will be stoned to death for being a homosexual.

Investigation under way after Mitch McConnell gets a plastic straw rammed up his nose

An investigation is underway after Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was severely injured moments after opening a package that contained several plastic bags and straws. McConnell, like most turtles, tried to put the foreign objects in his mouth to gain an understanding of what they were. Instead of learning anything, McConnell ended up nearly choking to death on a plastic bag while lodging a straw firmly up his nose. To make matters worse, the Senator is now scared and refusing to let anyone remove the plastic from his bleeding nasal cavity. Additionally, authorities say they likely won’t be able to press any charges if the mailer of the package is identified. “There’s nothing illegal about sending someone straws and bags, we just want to talk to this person.” Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron stated. “It’s weird, but it’s not illegal. If anything I’m more concerned about Mr. McConnell. I think we all are.” Photo credit Gage Skidmore

Democrats now glad Trump has been Putin’s little bitch after Russia announces new hypersonic weapon

President Trump’s approval rating amongst the left jumped from 7.2% to 42.7% after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a new, deadly, and unmatched hypersonic weapon yesterday. Democrats now admit that Trump’s submissive and subservient approach with Russia makes perfect sense. According to Putin the new, terrifying missile can reach a velocity 27 times faster than the speed of sound, hit any part of the planet, and cannot be destroyed by modern anti-missile defense systems. What do you think?

New camera angle used during Lakers vs Clippers game gave fans an X-rated view directly up players’ shorts

NBA fans are divided over a new camera angle that the league tested out during the Lakers vs Clippers game on Christmas Day. The view, which points the camera directly up players’ shorts when they are anywhere in the key, was sponsored by Nike to provide better shots of players’ shoes. “We only had the best intentions,” Nike CEO Mark Parker stated. “We saw a marketing opportunity and took it. We didn’t even think for a second that professional basketball players would consider wearing boxers, much less no underwear during a game.” Those watching the Christmas Day game were frequently treated to 3-second live shots of private parts jostling about as Lakers center JaVale McGee posted up and pushed for positioning against Ivica Zubac – neither player was wearing any underwear.

Christians are having a really fucking hard time keeping Christ in Christmas

Devout Christians Robert and Denise Ferraro of Naperville, Illinois say that they began forgetting that Christ had anything to do with Christmas when their 10-year-old daughter Cindy came home from public school last December and told them that she had…

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