Barron Trump Returned to Japan After Malfunctions

“Aggression toward the president grew incrementally,” said head ATRI researcher Kaito Nakamura.


Princeton Study: How Trump Defeated Clinton, Why the Polls Were Wrong

The polls showed a likely win for her, but the results did not reflect that; whatsoever. Now we have a fail-safe and proven reason as to why he managed to become the next President of the United States of America.

Woman Who Has Barely Traveled Certain She Lives in Best City

“Stephenson, who has always lived in Naperville, Illinois, is dead sure that she was born and raised in the best place in the entire world. After being part of a poll by the PEW Research Team in which they interviewed nearly 3,200 people, PEW reported that Sarah – age 32 – was the most unwavering and…”