Yale Study Says Farting Burns More Calories Than Working Out

Yale University has published a study which found that farting can burn more calories than running a mile or lifting weights for 30 minutes.

“With one solid farting session you can burn 80 calories,” head researcher Lars Asfurt stated. “We’re talking about your typical 15 to 20 farts within a period of 60-seconds.”

Asfurt says that people who are truly dedicated to being healthy can see tremendous improvements. Some people may be able to lose over a pound a day by simply letting them rip from the couch and not eating.

“Consistent reps throughout the day can help you to burn more than 1,200 calories,” Asfurt stated. “So if friendship and odors don’t matter to you, then you could really get in great shape with little to no effort. Regretably, we still can’t do anything about your face.”

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