Joe Manchin Regularly Holds Up Lines At Gas Stations While Playing $1 Scratchers

Multiple reports from Washington D.C. and West Virginia residents are beginning to show a clear pattern of senator Joe Manchin holding up lines at gas stations while he plays $1 scratch tickets.

What makes things take even longer is Manchin’s method of gambling, which is to purchase one ticket at a time, scratch it on the counter and have the cashier verify the ticket. He then purchases another ticket, and so on.

Just yesterday the West Virginia legislator was responsible for causing a 130-person line at a Washington D.C. gas station while he purchased 37 tickets over the course of two hours. In addition to creating a massive line of people, he also left his Maserati parked carelessly and crooked at a fuel pump that he never used; causing cars to back up for miles down the road.

When asked why he wouldn’t simply get the fuck out of the way – Manchin stated, “To be honest I could care less about doing the right thing for other people. I’m also not going to give the people what they want because I like the attention I’m getting.”

As of press time, Manchin had also told reporters that, “if someone were to pay me a sizable amount of money, I’d consider only being somewhat in the way for a few days. But after that I’m going right back to it!”

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