NYC To Spend Millions Installing Retractable Spikes On Subway Seats To ‘Poke The Homeless Away At Night’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams told reporters today that the city will be allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to install retractable spikes on subway seats in order to get the homeless to leave the system and go out into the winter cold at night.

“The subway is not a house,” Adams stated. “The system was not made to be housing. People from the streets belong on the streets.”

The mayor continued.

“No more just doing whatever you want,” Adams stated. “Those days are over. Swipe your MetroCard, ride the system and get the fuck off at your destination. That’s what I’m saying.”

Besides installing the spikes on the subway cars, Adams says he will also be adding the retractable devices on park benches and even on the ground where homeless people also like to sleep.

Those advocating for the homeless say that the move by the mayor is heartless and not a real solution.

“I challenge anyone to think of a better way to deal with the homeless problem when given hundreds of millions of dollars,” Adams said. “If you come up with one, I’ll invite you over to talk about it. That’s right, I’ll have you come meet me at the governor’s mansion, my home in Brooklyn, or if it’s more convenient, my home in New Jersey.”

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